In case you missed it, barely remembered 1980′s Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson has been getting on her soapbox lately. Apparently, the born again ultra-conservative wants to make sure people know that those gays are up to no good. And that gay-friendly hit TV show Glee could destroy America. Also, that she is f*cking insane and isn’t self aware enough to realize she’s her own freak show. (See Victoria’s original video at bottom of page)

Needless to say, someone needed to tackle this hot topic in video form. Comedic actress Jenn Dodd, known for her wide range of characters, was up to the task.

And here is the video that put Victoria Jackson on the map. Again. For about fifteen minutes. Savor it, Victoria, you’ll be doing standup for Tea Party “rallies” at backwater Denny’s by 2012.

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