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Guest Decider: Brooke Van Poppelen

Brooke Van Poppelen is a NYC based comic and writer for truTV and their blog Dumb as a Blog as well as a two time nominee for the ECNY award as “Best Female Stand-Up” and “Emerging Comic”. Brooke has also been seen on TLC’s American Chopper as Mikey Teutul‘s comedy coach and is often recognized by gas station attendants. Brooke’s show, Power Suit, that she hosts with Arden Myrin has been seen at the UCB Theatre and will be playing in other cities soon. Brooke’s Disclaimer: Since I know so many funny people I didn’t want to choose videos with humans so I went with cats. I hate cats, but as a blogger it’s almost a prerequisite to be well versed in feline videos and these two are certainly not slackers.

Happy Birthday Business Cat

I can’t take my eyes off of this cat. As I live and breathe it is Wilford Brimley and by golly, he’s determined not to appreciate the birthday cake these little girls made for him. Whenever I feel grumpy, I know there is someone out there ten times more ungrateful than I could ever be. By the way, nice tie, ass.

Cats Morph to Croissants

Why can’t I learn that simple, stupid and slightly alarming ideas for a video is what the world wants. My co-worker Ritch Duncan helped sum up this video very nicely on our blog. I just don’t know what kind of person makes a video like this. The “French” lilt to the music sends a chill up my spine while cats morph to croissants and back again. This makes me laugh in an uncomfortable sort of way.

Smack Talk for 10/1

by shap on September 30, 2010. [SmackTalk]

I put a baby seat in the back of my car because if I find a runaway baby that wants a cool, older brother/best friend, he will need a seat. -Rob Huebel

Live Comedy: The Party Machine

The Party Machine @ Union Hall I am really looking forward to performing at Union Hall on The Party Machine 10/15, 8pm which is hosted by Arden Myrin and Lisa Delarios. Louis CK and Todd Barry dropped in for surprise sets last time—definitely come see this show! What: Live Comedy When: 10/15, 8pm Where: Union Hall How Much: $5

Animal House

How well do you really know your pets? Probably no more than a typical high school parent knows about how much their kid smokes pot, dates middle-aged millionaires, runs an old school PCP cartel, and has a dead hooker in their closet. This McSweeney’s piece, from humorist Jamie Allen, is here to help.

ANIMAL HOUSE by Jamie Allen

How Can You Tell That Your Animals Are Planning a Keg Party While You’re Out Tonight?

Well, don’t ask the cat, the gerbil or the bird. They’ll lie. Especially the cat.

Instead, get the dog alone. Call him into your room while you’re getting dressed for your night out. Tell him you’ve been hearing some things—be vague. If he gives you a look that asks what you mean, say something like, “Let’s just say I’ve heard the ping-pong balls rattling around in the cup.”

Then, look him in the eye and fraternally ask, “So, are you guys planning a keg party while I’m out?”


Hip Hop History 101

N’Sync wasn’t exactly know for it’s hard, streetwise rap numbers, but Justin Timberlake proved on Jimmy Fallon last night, that he knows his way around some old school hip hop. Here’s Jimmy and Justin rocking some tricky rhymes.

The Dirty Flinstones

Who ever knew that The Flinstones could have such a dirty mind?

Once you watch it you won’t be able to deny what Barney was hinting at.

William Shatner and Betty White Make a Sex Tape

William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk, aka the Bleep My Dad Says “dad,” talks sex, Betty White and rock n’roll. Because if you can’t get J.J. Abrams to put you in the new Star Trek franchise, romancing the hottest young (at heart) actress in Hollywood is the next best thing. Read all of Eric Spitznagel‘s Vanity Fair chat with Shatner here.

Don’t Ask, Just Repeal

Sarah Silverman, John Cho, Thomas Lennon and others appear in this PSA made especially for people who are really into supporting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It’s like, find a new hobby already. One that doesn’t involve ending people’s careers over whether they think Golden Girls or Family Guy is better.